Ultimate Greenland vacation: A 10-Day Greenland Itinerary for Your Unforgettable Arctic Getaway

Scenic beauty of Greenland's summer on a 10-day vacation

Embarking on a ten-day journey through Greenland's summer, we discovered a world of enchanting landscapes, fjords whispering ancient tales, and glaciers standing tall like sentinels. From the bustling embrace of Ilulissat to the invigorating dance atop age-old ice caps, our journey epitomized the essence of a Greenland vacation—a sojourn for those craving an extraordinary experience. Our carefully crafted Greenland itinerary unfolded like a storybook, a lyrical testament to Greenland's summer symphony of nature's grandeur and untamed beauty. This pilgrimage into the heart of a land untouched by time promises wonder and discovery, inviting you to explore the secrets within ancient ice. Prepare for a poetic dance with the sublime, an exploration that will undoubtedly captivate the essence of your being. This is more than a holiday; it's an odyssey into the soul of Greenland, etching memories into the tapestry of your existence.

Ultimate Greenland vacation: A 10-Day Greenland Itinerary for Your Unforgettable Arctic Getaway

August 2022. While the fields of Tienen bathed in a golden glow, we stood at the threshold of an extraordinary journey—a 10-day sojourn into the heart of Greenland. Our destination, nothing short of the enigmatic Arctic north, beckoned with its majestic icebergs and vast glaciers, promising an unforgettable Greenland vacation. Our Greenlandic escapade unfurled in Kangerlussuaq, the gateway to Greenland's grand ice cap, leading us along a mesmerizing path tracing the coastline to the incredible realms of Ilulissat and Disko Island. The stark contrast between the pristine white of the ice plains and the profound, unfathomable blue of the Arctic sea stirred our souls to their very core.

In the presence of Mother Nature's untamed power, we bore witness to awe-inspiring moments—colossal icebergs breaking free with breathtaking force, gracefully cascading into the sea, and whales dancing with sublime grace in the backdrop of the Ilulissat Icefjord's icy expanse. As silent observers, we stood spellbound, entranced by this grandeur and grace. Our 10-day Greenland itinerary unfolded as an epic exploration, a journey teeming with wonder and discovery, offering only a mere glimpse into Greenland's immense beauty. Yet, these fleeting days etched an unshakable love for this pristine corner of the Earth in our hearts, weaving a tapestry of unforgettable memories from our Greenland summer vacation. Each moment resounds as a symphony of breathtaking experiences, underscoring the irresistible allure of planning a trip to Greenland and crafting an itinerary to explore its unparalleled wonders.

Ilulissat's sled dogs: Enchanting scenes during a 10-day summer voyage in Greenland
10-day Greenland itinerary: Exploring captivating summer landscapes

Embarking on a transformative journey, our 10-day itinerary through the heart of Greenland unfolds like the turning pages of a captivating novel. The narrative doesn't begin with the first step on Greenlandic soil but with the anticipation and excitement cultivated during two travel days, one to reach Denmark and another to return home. These prelude and conclusion chapters frame our Greenlandic adventure, setting the stage for an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of a conventional holiday. Each day becomes a verse, weaving through the enchanting facets of this majestic land, composing a symphony of emotions that lingers long after the final chapter of our Greenland vacation is written.

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Greenland itinerary: a summary of 10 days in Arctic Paradise

Greenland Vacation: Our detailed 10 day GreenIand itinerary

Day 1: travel day to Copenhagen, Denmark

Under the awakening embrace of Brussels' early sunlight, our journey to Greenland commences, a voyage infused with the promise of extraordinary moments. A symphony of excitement guides us toward Copenhagen, the gateway to our Greenland vacation. Arriving in Copenhagen, we surrender ourselves to the city's vibrant tapestry, with Nyhavn unfolding before our eager eyes. The waterfront whispers tales of time, the historic architecture speaks volumes, and the heartbeat of the old harbor orchestrates a lively rhythm. In this kaleidoscope of experiences, we immerse ourselves in the vivid tapestry of city life.

As the day gracefully transitions into evening, we find solace near the airport, a brief respite before the dawn of a new chapter in Greenland. The night holds the hum of anticipation, a prelude to the early morning flight that will carry us toward the Arctic embrace. To those yet unacquainted with the enchantment of Copenhagen, consider extending your Greenland vacation, weaving a splendid city interlude into the fabric of your Greenlandic odyssey. Let the echoes of Nyhavn linger as you prepare to unveil the wonders that Greenland's summer has in store.

Sights: Nyhavn - A picturesque harbor with colorful houses, restaurants, and bars. It's a great place for a stroll, enjoying a meal by the water, and soaking in the bustling atmosphere of Copenhagen.
Travel Time: 30 minutes by metro - board at Københavns Lufthavn St. and alight at Kongens Nytorv via line M2
Accommodation: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport 


Day 2: Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Camp Ice Cap

In the heart of Copenhagen, the inaugural day of our Greenlandic odyssey unfolds, a day drenched in the hues of anticipation. The airport beckons with promises, whisking us away to the enchanting embrace of Kangerlussuaq in Greenland—a realm steeped in history as an ancient military base and now the sole runway expansive enough for international flights. A seamless four-hour journey finds us descending onto the intimate airstrip of Kangerlussuaq, where the very essence of Greenland envelops us in its raw and isolating embrace. Despite its modest offerings, the airport casts a spell of charm.

Our rendezvous with the Camp Ice Cap team transforms into a moment of eager anticipation, setting the stage for the adventures that lie ahead in our Greenlandic expedition. A robust four-wheel-drive vehicle becomes our chariot as we depart the town, delving into the captivating landscapes that define Greenland's allure. The journey unfolds along Greenland's longest road, a winding tapestry of approximately 40 kilometers, leading us to the mesmerizing Point 660. This vantage point, as meticulously woven into our Greenland vacation itinerary, unveils an awe-inspiring panorama of Greenland's ice cap—an epicenter for the commencement of our odyssey.

Our luggage finds a haven at the Albatros Circle main office in Kangerlussuaq, as we, adorned with only daypacks, choose the path of simplicity. Laden with essential sustenance and camping accouterments on sleds, fortified with hiking poles and crampons, we embark on the pristine ice. The midnight sun casts a surreal palette of pink and purple hues, painting our first footsteps in Greenland with an otherworldly glow. As daylight morphs into the late hours, a communal tent beckons us. Illuminated by the flicker of the fire, we partake in a collective meal—a humble feast, a melange of hiking food offering a choice among seven delectable dishes. With jetlag clinging to our senses and the day's exertion etched in our muscles, every morsel becomes an exquisite indulgence under the resplendent starry sky of Greenland. Nestled in its mesmerizing brilliance, we surrender to the embrace of the night, where dreams intertwine with the untamed wonders that our Greenland summer holds in its cosmic hands.

Activities: Learning to hike with hiking poles and crampons, setting up the expedition camp, 2 hours of walking on the ice under the midnight sun.
Travel Time: 3 hours driving to Point 660, passing beautiful viewpoints over lakes and Reindeer lichen (a Greenlandic bush).
Accommodation: Camp Ice Cap (Expedition tents)
Included meals: snacks and dinner

Plan a trip to Greenland: Discovering the allure of the Ice Cap
Mesmerizing views of Greenland's Ice Cap in the summer landscape
Unforgettable Greenland vacation: Experience the Ice Cap in summer
Russell Glacier in Greenland: Marvel at its beauty during a 10-day summer vacation

Day 3: Camp Ice Cap - Ice Cap Hiking - Kangerlussuaq

In the early morning, amidst the enchanting embrace of the Greenlandic atmosphere, a captivating fairy tale unfurls. Stirred from slumber by the relentless grip of jetlag, we swiftly bundle up in layers, adhering to the carefully crafted ballet of our Greenland itinerary. The chill on the ice cap bites, prompting us to dress warmly – a necessity when you find yourself amidst the starkness of nature. Despite the initial frosty discomfort, the enchantment of breakfast erases all concerns. In such rudimentary conditions, every morsel tastes doubly delightful. With precision, we chip fresh ice, melting it to create water so pure that it could impress even the most discerning of Michelin-star restaurants, concocting our coffee and tea within the communal tent.

The remaining part of the morning is dedicated to the ice cap. A four-hour jaunt unfolds across the undulating ice, covering a mere 5 kilometers, as per the intricate choreography of our Greenland escapade. Contrary to popular belief, the ice cap isn't flat; it presents a continuous series of ascents and descents where our ice spikes become vital. Gracefully navigating the precarious crevices, this adrenaline-filled experience remains etched in our memories, an adventure leaving an indelible mark.

As the expedition culminates, we indulge in croque monsieurs within the tent before disassembling the camp. All equipment is carefully transported on sleds back to Point 660, leaving no trace, in alignment with our commitment to nature conservation, a fundamental tenet of our Greenland sojourn. En route to Kangerlussuaq, as dictated by the evocative chapters of our travel narrative, we make a magical pause at the awe-inspiring Russell Glacier. Here, we savor coffee and tea, soaking in the breathtaking vista. Exhausted yet fulfilled, brimming with an abundance of memories, we return to Kangerlussuaq, yearning for the comfort of a regular bed and the luxury of a hot shower. A spectacular crescendo in one of the world's most remote corners during our immersive passage through Greenland.

Activities: 4 hours of ice cap hiking, breaking down the expedition camp, photo stop at Russell Glacier
Travel time: 3 hours of driving to Kangerlussuaq with an intermediate stop at Russell Glacier
Accommodation: Hotel Kangerlussuaq Airport
Included meals: Breakfast, snacks and lunch

The opportunity to spend the night on the Greenlandic ice cap is typically reserved for adventurers and scientists, but this camping experience is open to anyone who can set up their own tent. You sleep in a comfortably warm sleeping bag designed for Arctic conditions, on camping mattresses in your own cocoon.

Day 4: Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat

In the embrace of our ongoing Greenland holiday, a serene morning gently unfurls its arms in Kangerlussuaq. Following a sumptuous breakfast at Old Camp, we bask in the luxury of unhurried moments, seizing the chance to unravel the charms woven into the fabric of this town. Kangerlussuaq, though a humble village with modest amenities, exudes its unique allure, cradled in the lap of wilderness patiently awaiting discovery.

As the sun gracefully ascends in the early afternoon sky, we rendezvous at Kangerlussuaq airport, poised for our flight to Ilulissat – a town bestowed with a panoramic spectacle of the majestic Icefjord. On touching down in Ilulissat, we find solace and warmth in the embrace of Hotel Icefiord, our haven amid this Arctic wonderland. The rest of the day stretches before us like an unwritten novel, inviting exploration of the enchanting tapestry that is Ilulissat. Its vivid houses, a kaleidoscope against the backdrop of awe-inspiring landscapes, beckon us to unravel their stories. A canvas of opportunities presents itself, from a visit to the Ilulissat Art Museum, where the essence of Greenlandic art whispers through time, to the prospect of a boat tour, promising an intimate dance with the regal icebergs drifting serenely in Disko Bay.

Activities: Leisurely morning in Kangerlussuaq, flight to Ilulissat, hiking Ilulissat Ice Fjord and midnight iceberg cruise
Travel Time: 1-hour flight to Ilulissat, 5min shuttle to Hotel Arctic from Ilulissat Airport
Accommodation: Hotel Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord: Captivating views on a 10-day Greenland summer journey
Exploring Ilulissat Icefjord: Stunning landscapes on a 10-day itinerary
Vacation at Ilulissat Icefjord: Marvel at the beauty during a 10-day trip
Exploring the majesty of Ilulissat Icefjord on a 10-day itinerary
Icebergs in Greenland: Stunning views during a 10-day summer vacation
Discovering Greenland's icebergs: Majestic beauty on a 10-day itinerary
Greenland's mesmerizing icebergs: Captivating scenes on a 10-day journey

Day 5: Ilulissat

On a morning painted in the vibrant hues of Ilulissat's coastal charm, we rouse from slumber, greeted by the promise of a day brimming with anticipation and excitement. This moment marks our inaugural sunrise in Ilulissat, a sparkling gem nestled in the embrace of our 10-day itinerary through Greenland. The air itself seems to hum with the melody of impending adventure, a symphony that commences with the extraordinary overture of a whale cruise.

Against the breathtaking canvas of the Ilulissat Icefjord, a sanctuary for whale enthusiasts, our vessel from Disko Line becomes the stage for a captivating four-hour performance. The majestic fjord stands sentinel behind us, and the favor of fortune swiftly smiles upon us. Our hearts quicken in unison as a mother whale and her playful calf breach the crystalline surface, a choreography that etches the boundless wonders of nature into the very fabric of our souls.

Returning to Ilulissat, our quest for culinary delights leads us to the Inuit Café. Amidst the warmth of shared conversations and a convivial atmosphere, we indulge in a delightful meal. While the menu might not boast local Greenlandic dishes, the croque monsieurs, burgers, and pasta serve as a perfect symphony to satiate our eager appetites.

The afternoon unveils yet another chapter in our Greenlandic saga—a kayaking escapade in the icy embrace of the waters. Wrapped against the biting cold, we navigate the frosty pathways, led by the expertise of our guide, a small cadre of fellow explorers by our side. It's an experience that awakens every sense, a moment of unfiltered joy set against the tranquil beauty of Greenland. And so, our epic Greenlandic vacation unfurls, each day an exquisite tapestry woven with novel adventures and discoveries that kindle within us a profound admiration for this enchanting land.

Activities: Whale cruise, kayaking among icebergs.
Accommodation: Hotel Arctic

Discovering Greenland's icebergs: Majestic beauty on a 10-day itinerary
Whale watching near Ilulissat: Breathtaking sightings on a 10-day journey in Greenland
Ilulissat's whale sightings: Marvelous encounters during a 10-day Greenland vacation
Spotting whales near Ilulissat: Spectacular views on a 10-day summer itinerary in Greenland
Kayaking amid Greenland's icebergs on a 10-day itinerary

Dag 6: Ilulissat - Disko Island

On the sixth day of our grand Greenlandic odyssey, the narrative unfolds with the soft embrace of dawn. In the hushed hours, the tranquil harbor of Ilulissat beckons, where the ferry to Disko Island stands poised for our journey. The day ahead holds the promise of myriad new adventures, seamlessly aligning with the script of our Greenland travel itinerary. As the sun's first rays tenderly cast their glow upon the placid waters, we embark on a leisurely voyage across the serene ocean, headed for the enchanting shores of Disko Island. The crisp sea breeze whispers tales of ancient voyages, caressing our faces as we surrender to the unfolding panorama.

Upon our arrival in Qeqertarsuaq, the inviting village envelops us in its warmth, a tapestry woven with the genuine hospitality of the locals and the quaint, vibrant houses that grace the landscape. Settling into the snug embrace of our hotel, the entire afternoon unfurls, a canvas inviting us to explore the enchantments of this captivating island as scripted in our Greenland travel itinerary. Our inaugural exploration commences with a captivating stroll leading us to the southernmost tip of Disko Island.

Winding through the narrow lanes of Qeqertarsuaq, the allure of colorful houses and weathered fishing huts captivates with their unique charm. Yet, the true soul of this place reveals itself as we ascend a gentle hill – before us, the world's most splendid soccer field unfurls. With the azure ocean and majestic icebergs as a distant backdrop, we revel in the blessing of residing in this breathtaking locale.

As the sun gracefully descends beyond the horizon, we choose to recline upon the verdant grass of the soccer field. Amidst the tranquil serenity, a profound realization dawns upon us – the sixth day of our Greenlandic voyage has once again illuminated the incredible diversity and marvels of this land. Seated there, amidst the imminent nightfall, we eagerly anticipate uncovering more treasures during the remainder of our adventurous 10-day expedition in this remarkable land.

Activities: Ferry to Disko Island, exploring Qeqertarsuaq, walk to the southernmost point of Disko Island.
Accommodation: Hotel Disko Island or Beach Igloo Lodges

Disko Island: Marvel at its beauty during a 10-day summer journey in Greenland
Exploring Disko Island: Stunning vistas on a 10-day itinerary in Greenland
Vacation at Disko Island: Spectacular scenes during a 10-day trip in Greenland
Travel to Disko Island: Captivating landscapes on a 10-day Greenland journey
Disko Island during a 10-day summer itinerary in captivating Greenland
Plan a trip to Disko Island: Witness its beauty on a 10-day journey in Greenland
Disko Island's natural beauty on display during a 10-day Greenland vacation

Day 7: Disko Island

On the seventh day of our indelible vacation through Greenland, the narrative gently unfurls with a soft breeze, carrying the fragrant essence of wildflowers that dance in harmony with the early morning air. As we lace up our hiking boots, playful brooks serenade us with their cheerful melodies, while a gentle breeze whispers words of encouragement, setting the stage for the remarkable Kuannit Hike—a pivotal highlight meticulously woven into our Greenland travel itinerary.

The trails wind past glistening glaciers and majestic basalt columns, natural sentinels that stand like guardians guiding our expedition through this exquisite landscape. The Kuannit Hike reveals itself as a spellbinding sojourn, where tranquil moments unfold amidst the pristine wilderness of the Arctic terrain. The symphony of nature envelops us, fostering a profound connection to Greenland's potent silence as we steadily forge ahead, the wind's harsh whispers on this side of Disko Island met with the protection of our waterproof gear.

Following a morning filled with wonder, we pause for a well-deserved picnic, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the landscape. Brimming with gratitude, we resume our journey, now veering towards a captivating waterfall concealed deep within the terrain via the Qorlortorsuaq Hike. The melodic flow of water crafts a symphony that enchants our senses, each step a rhythmic dance with the pristine nature that surrounds us.

This day becomes a commemoration of Greenland's incomparable beauty, where the resilience and tranquility of nature accompany every step of our passage. After a day brimming with adventure, we retreat to our snug abode in Qeqertarsuaq, the evening steeped in gratitude for the indelible experiences that these ten days of travel have bestowed upon us. Each moment, a brushstroke on the canvas of our Greenlandic adventure, painting a masterpiece of memories that will forever linger in our hearts.

Activities: Exploring Qeqertarsuaq, Kuannit Hike, Qorlortorsuaq Hike.
Accommodation: Hotel Disko Island or Beach Igloo Lodges


Day 8: Disko Island - Ilulissat

On the eighth day of our enchanting itinerary through Greenland, we bid a fond adieu to the picturesque Qeqertarsuaq, embarking on a nostalgic journey back to the captivating embrace of Ilulissat. The ferry cradles us gently on the undulating waves of Disko Bay, while majestic icebergs, reminiscent of guardians of the sea, warmly welcome our return, symbolizing the enduring and magnificent nature of this extraordinary region.

In Ilulissat, anticipation stirs within us for an unforgettable afternoon in the heart of the mesmerizing Ilulissat Icefjord. Our expedition sets forth on the Blue Hike, a trail leading to the most awe-inspiring vistas of the icefjord and its commanding icebergs. As we traverse these paths, the omnipotence of nature envelops us, weaving tales through the echoes of cracking ice and the cool, invigorating breeze that resonate deeply within our spirits.

The views are nothing short of spectacular. The icefjord stretches to the horizon, colossal icebergs adorned in heavenly blue tones, unveiling their majestic allure. We take every moment to absorb, to marvel at the beauty laid before us, and to realize our own insignificance amidst this vast and overpowering landscape.

As the sun gracefully sets, painting the sky in soft pastel hues, we acknowledge that this day has bestowed upon us one of the most unforgettable experiences of our Greenlandic journey. Retreating to our cozy accommodations in Ilulissat, our hearts brim with gratitude for the miraculous journey thus far and an eagerness for the adventures that lie ahead in the wondrous realm of Greenland. Each step, a dance with the magic of nature; each moment, a melody played by the elements, orchestrating the symphony of our Greenlandic odyssey.

Activities: Ferry to Ilulissat, Blue Hike in Ilulissat Icefjord
Accommodation: Hotel Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord: Enchanting views during a 10-day summer voyage in Greenland
Exploring the wonders of Ilulissat Icefjord: Spectacular scenes in a 10-day Greenland itinerary
Vacation at Ilulissat Icefjord: Marvel at its grandeur on a 10-day journey in Greenland
Witness the beauty of Ilulissat Icefjord: Captivating landscapes during a 10-day trip in Greenland
Exploring Ilulissat: Charming town views during a 10-day journey in Greenland

Day 9: Ilulissat - Lodge Eqi Glacier

As the first rays of dawn grace the horizon, Hotel Arctic extends its warm embrace, setting the stage for the crescendo of excitement and anticipation that reverberates within us. With hearts aflutter, we embark on the Disko Line Explorers' expedition boat, charting a course for a two-day odyssey to the majestic Eqi Glacier—a pinnacle in the tapestry of our unforgettable Greenlandic escapade.

The vessel glides seamlessly over the tranquil waters, gradually distancing us from the charming contours of Ilulissat. Sailing past Oqaatsut, the unfolding landscape casts a spell, overwhelming our senses with its enchanting beauty. After approximately three hours, we arrive at the grandeur of the Eqi Glacier, and an electrifying anticipation courses through the very air we breathe.

Anchoring a mere kilometer from the glacier's towering presence, we are bestowed with two precious hours to immerse ourselves in the spectacle of nature's grandeur. Amidst savoring a delectable lunch, accompanied by steaming coffee and aromatic tea, the exhilarating symphony of calving ice captivates our senses. Suddenly, colossal chunks of ice break free from the glacier, emitting a thunderous roar that sends shivers down our spines as they plunge into the water with a resounding splash.

With this indelible experience etched into the tapestry of our memories, we set sail once more, bound for the serenity of the Glacier Lodge Eqi. As we step onto the untouched land, the tranquility of this remote haven enfolds us. Our Comfort Deluxe cabin, perched with a breathtaking view of the unfolding natural spectacle, leaves us in awe. It's almost surreal to believe that we are privileged to witness such marvels during our Greenlandic expedition—a journey where each moment unfolds like a cherished chapter in the novel of our adventures.

Activities: Boat trip to Eqi Glacier, lunch with calving glacier view, relaxation at the lodge with glacier view
Accommodation: Glacier Lodge Eqi

Day 10: Lodge Eqi Glacier - Ilulissat

As the next day unfurls, a delicate morning mist blankets the Greenlandic landscape, akin to a mysterious curtain veiling the world. Undeterred by this ethereal haze, we eagerly join a guided trek to the moraine—the precipice of the magnificent glacier. With every step, we inch closer to the towering ice wall. Despite the mist's attempt at concealment, the view that materializes is nothing short of breathtaking. It's a magical moment within our Greenlandic odyssey, where the essence of time appears to suspend itself.

Our lunch unfolds at the glacier's edge, etching an indelible mark in the tapestry of our Greenlandic journey. Seated amidst the awe-inspiring vista, the ice wall ascends majestically above us, glistening in the soft daylight. The symphony of the wind intertwines with the gentle trickle of melting streams, rendering us minuscule in the embrace of nature's grandeur.

As the afternoon sun wanes, we re-embark on the Disko Line Explorers, hearts aglow with reverence for the Eqi Glacier's beauty. The return voyage to Ilulissat feels like a reverie—a moment for contemplation of all we've encountered. Weary yet content, we embark on a leisurely stroll through Ilulissat, the town that has stolen our hearts. The evening culminates in serene repose at Hotel Arctic, marking the poignant conclusion of our extraordinary two-day sojourn to the Eqi Glacier and the fulfillment of our 10-day Greenlandic itinerary.

Activities: Boat trip back to Ilulissat, visiting the sled dogs in Ilulissat
Accommodation: Hotel Arctic

Spectacular views of Eqi Glacier on a 10-day itinerary in Greenland
Captivating scenes of Eqi Glacier during a 10-day summer voyage in Greenland
Witnessing Eqi Glacier's grandeur during a 10-day Greenland vacation
Eqi Glacier: Majestic icy beauty on a 10-day summer journey in Greenland
Experiencing Ilulissat town: Spectacular views on a 10-day itinerary in Greenland
Ilulissat town: Coastal charm on a 10-day Greenland summer itinerary
Discovering Ilulissat: Town vistas during a 10-day journey in Greenland
Ilulissat's allure: Urban scenes on a 10-day summer vacation in Greenland

Day 11: Ilulissat - Copenhagen

On the ultimate day of our spellbinding Greenlandic sojourn, the dawn unfolds, signaling the commencement of our homeward journey to Denmark. Departing from the picturesque Ilulissat, we board an inland flight in a propeller plane, bound for Kangerlussuaq—the very place where our remarkable ten-day odyssey embarked. As we ascend above the awe-inspiring Greenlandic landscape, we gaze through the aircraft window, savoring the final panorama of majestic fjords and icebergs that define this extraordinary land.

Upon touching down in Kangerlussuaq, we pause to reflect on the myriad adventures that have unfolded here, from traversing the expansive ice cap to immersing ourselves in the vibrant local culture. A window of time presents itself to explore the quaint charm of this town before we catch our connecting flight, whisking us back to Copenhagen before the sun sets.

Drifting amidst the Arctic heights, the profound realization sets in that we are bidding adieu to Greenland. Yet, the tapestry of memories woven during this extraordinary journey will forever resonate within us. Our exploration of Greenland metamorphosed into a saga of marvel and discovery, and as we bid farewell to this enchanting land, we carry with us the conviction that it has indelibly become a cherished chapter in our lives. The enduring glow of the midnight sun serves as a beacon, beckoning us to return to this magical realm, where the echoes of our Greenlandic escapade linger eternally.

Travel Time: 5 minutes transfer from the airport to Hotel Arctic, 1 hour flight from Ilulissat to Kangerlussuaq, 4 hours flight from Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen
Accommodation: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport 


Day 12: Copenhagen - Brussels

After an enchanting sojourn through the verdant landscapes and majestic icescapes of Greenland over the course of 10 remarkable summer days, our return journey from Copenhagen to Brussels marks the bittersweet conclusion of this exceptional adventure. Yet, as one chapter concludes, the unfolding saga of exploration persists, beckoning us to new horizons and undiscovered realms. For those captivated by the allure of further discovery, the prospect of extending this memorable journey with a vibrant city break in Copenhagen emerges as an enticing option.

In the heart of Denmark's capital, experience the warm embrace of Danish hospitality, delight in culinary masterpieces, and uncover cultural treasures that add profound depth to the tapestry of your Greenland vacation. Alternatively, for the intrepid explorer thirsting for more, Denmark unfurls its scenic coastlines and rich historical sites as additional promises of delight.

Venturing even farther, the remote and enigmatic Faroe Islands emerge as a captivating extension of this Greenlandic odyssey, offering an unparalleled destination for those eager to continue their exploration. Regardless of the path chosen to extend this journey, one immutable truth remains: the indelible memories forged during this 10-day Greenland vacation will forever be treasured. They not only serve as a testament to the captivating allure of Greenland's tourist attractions but also as an inspiration to embark on new adventures, whether within the pristine landscapes of Greenland or in the uncharted territories that beckon across the globe.


Our Greenland Holiday: What We Would Do Differently

Having immersed ourselves in the enchanting tapestry of Greenland's landscapes, our hearts resonate with the echoes of a journey filled with awe and discovery. Reflecting on this extraordinary Greenland vacation, we find ourselves contemplating adjustments that could elevate the tapestry of experiences for future adventurers.

Add and extra day in Kangerlussuaq

Our first consideration unfolds like the pages of a novel, suggesting an additional day in Kangerlussuaq. This Arctic haven, adorned with engaging activities, nearly eluded our grasp. The allure of a Tundra Safari beckons—a venture into the Arctic wilderness accompanied by a local guide, promising encounters with reindeer, musk oxen, and other Arctic denizens. Beyond the fauna, the vantage points from the hills offer breathtaking panoramas, a respite to recover from the journey's rigors and acclimate to the Arctic embrace. A crucial addition, especially after the exhilarating yet taxing ice cap expedition that immediately followed our arrival.

Only have one night on Disko Island instead of two

As the narrative unfolds, a second consideration dances into view—the prospect of one less night on Disko Island. For those abstaining from the glacier hike, a single overnight stay might suffice, freeing time for more leisurely explorations and a deeper immersion in Greenland's allure. This adjustment invites the opportunity to unravel more layers of this Arctic wonder.

Add a settlement to our Greenland Itinerary

In the chapters yet to be written in our Greenlandic odyssey, the settlement of Oqaatsut emerges as an unexplored destination. An authentic Arctic community, its untold stories and cultural richness missed in our initial passage. The inkling of a return to Greenland takes root, promising not just revisits but fresh encounters.

The desire to visit Ilimanaq blossoms, where the culinary delights of the Michelin-starred restaurant KOKS whisper promises of an unparalleled gastronomic experience—a facet of Greenland's charm we long to embrace. These contemplated adjustments, akin to the nuanced strokes of an artist refining a masterpiece, render our future journey to Greenland even more comprehensive, weaving a tapestry of unique experiences waiting to be etched into the collective memory of explorers yet to come.

Traveling to Greenland

Flying to Greenland: from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland

Wondering how to travel to Greenland? The options unfold like a roadmap – flights with layovers in Copenhagen (Denmark) or Keflavik (Iceland), courtesy of Air Greenland or Icelandair. Most flights to Greenland from Copenhagen land in Kangerlussuaq, but it is also possible to arrive directly in the capital, Nuuk, via Iceland. To travel from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat, you need to take a smaller plane that can accommodate about forty passengers. In the summer, return flights between Copenhagen and Ilulissat cost between €600 and €1000.

The connections to Greenland are almost daily from Copenhagen during summer. However, traveling to Greenland is a journey that requires some planning, especially if you're planning on venturing further into Greenland than Kangerlussuaq. You also have to consider the weather. Sometimes domestic flights are canceled due to excessive wind or poor visibility, which makes it impossible to land. Sometimes flights are even diverted to Nuuk to accommodate passengers until better weather conditions.

Travel in Greenland: how to get from Kangerlussuaq to other cities

Greenland's landscape, lacking roads, calls for creative transit. Travel in Greenlands happens mostly by water or in the air. In summer, the boat is the preferred mode of transportation. From Ilulissat, we regularly used Disko Line to reach places like Qeqertarsuaq or the Eqi Glacier. For a crossing from Ilulissat to Qeqertarsuaq, you need to pay around €100 for a single trip. Apart from the Disko Bay, Disko Line also serves the south of Greenland and the west from Nuuk to Sisimiut. You can basically hop the entire Western coast of Greenland from North to South or the other way around by boat.

In winter, often the preferred mode of travel is internal flights or helicopter transfers. A spectacular experience but definitely more pricy than the boat. The schedule is also less reliable since strongly dependent on the weather and the use of helicopters by the locals.

Our favorite places to stay in Greenland

Selecting accommodation for your trip to Greenland

In the magical Greenland, there are a few unforgettable places to stay and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this Arctic paradise. However, in Ilulissat and Qeqertarsuaq, accommodations quickly fill up in the summer, and the choice is limited. This led us to book the majority of our trip nine months in advance.

Our recommended hotels in Ilulissat, Greenland

Hotel Arctic ****

Room as from 214$ per night

We spent all of our nights in Ilulissat here. This 4-star hotel offers a magnificent view over the Disko Bay and icebergs. The hotel also hosts a Greenlandic buffet on certain days of the week that is definitely worth trying. Note that the hotel is a 15-minute walk from the city center.
Free airport shuttle included.

Best Western Plus Ilulissat ****

Room as from 212$ per night

The Best Western Plus Hotel Ilulissat offers a 4-star experience with a fitness center, communal lounge, terrace, and restaurant. Amenities include room service, a tour desk, and free WiFi. The hotel is centrally located close to Zion's Church, history museum and the World of Greenland tour desk.
Free airport shuttle included.

Hotel Icefiord ***

Room as from 297$ per night

Hotel Icefiord, a modern establishment situated 1 km from Ilulissat town center offers stunning views of Disko Bay and its icebergs from every room. The hotel features a bar, an à la carte restaurant serving international cuisine with local ingredients, and during summer, traditional Greenlandic dishes.
Free airport shuttle included.

Hotel Hvide Falk ***

Room as from 120$ per night

In Ilulissat, Hotel Hvide Falk presents a 3-star lodging experience, complete with a terrace, restaurant, and bar. Certain rooms at Hotel Hvide Falk offer city views and balconies, enhancing the stay with a touch of charm and scenery.
Free airport shuttle included.

Hotel SØMA Ilulissat

Room as from 79$ per night

HOTEL SØMA Ilulissat, just a 15-minute walk from Ilulissat's center, offers stunning views of the famous Icefjord. It's one of the most sparse decorated hotels in Ilulissat but good quality. Guests enjoy breakfast in the restaurant, which features a balcony.
Free airport shuttle included.

Jomsborg Holiday home ***

House as from 260$ per night

Jomsborg holiday home can accommodate up to 4 people. Guests can enjoy iceberg views, barbecue facilities, and free WiFi throughout. This holiday home has 1 bedroom, a living room with a flat-screen TV and a sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and oven, 1 bathroom with a bathtub and a private deck.

Other places to stay in Greenland

  • Hotel Disko Island in Qeqertarsuaq: on Disko Island, we booked two nights in a hotel located in the middle of the village. Some rooms have private bathrooms, while others have shared bathrooms. There is a common kitchen and sitting area if you wish to prepare your meals. The hotel has its own restaurant with very good cuisine. Highly recommended!
  • Glacier Lodge Eqi: staying a night near the Eqi Glacier was one of my dreams during this trip. The budget is substantial - expect around €1200 for two people - as it includes ferry crossings, accommodation, and full board, but it was an unforgettable experience!

Where to Eat in Greenland

Dining out in Ilulissat can take up a considerable portion of your budget. You can easily expect €20 for a dish, such as a burger or quesadilla. If you're on a limited travel budget, we recommend booking accommodations with a kitchen to cook your meals.

Ilulissat is a large city and offers several supermarkets open until 9:00 PM. You will find a wide range of products, including everything you need. However, the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits is more limited compared to what we are used to on the European mainland. We came across at least four different Spar stores, spread throughout the city. In Qeqertarsuaq, there is also a large supermarket, open until 6:00 PM, near the ferry stop and Hotel Disko Island.

For those who prefer eating out and are looking for authentic Greenlandic or international dishes, there are various dining options to enjoy. A must-visit is Inuit Café or Café Iluliaq  for international cuisine. Here, dishes like croque monsieurs and burgers are on the menu.

Don't forget to enjoy a meal with a view at 'Restaurant Ulo' in the Arctic Hotel, where you can indulge in gourmet meals while overlooking the majestic ice fjord. Each week, they host a Greenlandic buffet where you can taste classic dishes such as 'Mattak' (whale skin) and 'Kiviak' (fermented sea birds in a seal skin) and delightful Snow Crab. Whether you opt for traditional Greenlandic dishes or international flavors, Ilulissat offers something for everyone to complete your culinary exploration.