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Do I need a visa to travel to Greenland?

As of 2023, regular passport holders from 26 European countries visiting Greenland for tourism purposes do not require a visa and will be granted permission for a 90 day stay on arrival. People traveling from the USA, the UK, Africa, Asia and the Pacific do require a visa. Greenland is not a member of the EU and is not a party to the Schengen Agreement. Your visa to enter Denmark does not automatically give you access to Greenland, even though it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Can I drink tap water in Greenland?

Yes! It is completely safe to drink tap water in all of Greenland. The purity of the water in Greenland is world renown, and many Michelin star restaurants even serve Greenlandic water from the ice cap. Water from rivers is also drinkable, as long as it is flowing water.

Is traveling to Greenland safe?

Greenland is considered a safe destination for travelers. The crime rate is low, and the population is friendly and welcoming. However, be prepared for challenging weather conditions, remote areas with limited infrastructure, and potential wildlife encounters. Stay informed about local advisories, ensure proper preparation for outdoor activities, and have comprehensive travel insurance.

What power plug to use in Greenland?

On Greenland the power plug sockets are of type C, F, E and K. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. We were able to use our Belgian electrical appliances (type C and E) without any issues and didn't need an adapter.

Can I self-drive in Greenland?

Greenland has a limited road network, especially outside of towns and settlements. Towns and settlements aren't really connected by roads. To give an example, the longest road in Greenland is 40km long and connects the town of Kangerlussuaq with the Ice Cap. In order to travel between cities and towns you'll need to use a boat, plane, helicopter or hike. But no fear, traveling in Greenland is very easy and very well organized.