1. First I'd like to say I love your web design and the name Along came an Elephant. So beautiful and catchy. This looks like a beautiful spot! I've always wanted to go to Scotland and now I can add this to my list 🙂

  2. Hey!

    I must say your post was very refreshing! The Fairy Pools Bridge look particularly fascinating…I didnt know such a place existed and Im going to keep it in my never ending travel list now =)

  3. Thanks for this list. The isle-of-skye is very high on my bucket list. Particularly the fairy pool. I had dreamt of something like that pool even when I didn't know about the existence of the Isle of Skye. Would you believe that?

  4. Thank you Meghna! That's super to hear that you enjoy our post, it gives us the energy we need to keep writing. The bridge is amazing, but beware of the bastardly cold temperatures if you stick your head in that water 😉

    Marlo & Kristof xxx

  5. We sure can Neha ;-). We've been dreaming about amazing places too and it's so amazing when one day you discover such a destination through a blog, pinterest, instagram… that's our excuse for a full-on happy dance 🙂

    Marlo & Kristof xxx

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