The perfect 7 day Cambodia Itinerary

Enjoying purple hour at Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia

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Thinking of traveling to the beautiful Cambodia? Then your first action is to decide on a great Cambodia itinerary! To help you on your way in putting together a travel route through Cambodia, we give you our 7 day itinerary, most useful tips and mini guides per each destination so you can choose what best suits your travel needs.

You can basically spend up to a month in Cambodia but if you only have a limited available amount of days, you can definitely cover the highlights in 1 week. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the otherworldly temples of Angkor Wat, get your necessary dose of culture, experience the countryside and enjoy the sunshine on Cambodia’s exotic islands.

7 day Cambodia Itinerary

Contrast between tradition and modern in Phnom Penh

Why go on a journey through Cambodia?

If I need to summarize why we loved Cambodia it would come down to: food, food and food. We absolutely fell in love with the traditional Cambodian cuisine and are still dreaming about Amok! My expanded waistline was the best souvenir I brought back from my travels. No regrets what-so-ever.

Thailand may be known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ but Cambodia is renowned for its hospitality. You’ll be overwhelmed with the abundance of warm welcomes and smiles and it reflects in the abundance of homestays available throughout the country.

Obviously history and architecture buffs will definitely enjoy Cambodia as divine temples in Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh are abundant and among the most beautiful in the world. Beach bumps will also get their fill at the pristine exotic Islands on Cambodia’s coast – they will make your jaw drop in awe.

The staring faces of the Bayon at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Beautiful lake in the Angkor Wat archeological park, Cambodia

Tips for putting together your Cambodia itinerary

How to get around in Cambodia
You don’t need to book a tour as Cambodia, just like Laos, it is extremely easy to travel. Budget options include overnight busses and minivans but Cambodia also has many internal flights to get around the country. You can easily arrange tickets via your hostel/hotel or through their websites.

Roads in Cambodia can be tricky, aka a pain in the ass. During rainy season roads can turn into mud pools, making travel difficult. Toddler-size potholes are also quite common.

When traveling by bus, they often drop you off at the edge of town where tuk-tuk drivers are abundant and ready to take you into the town-centre.

Taking a tuk-tuk to the S21 museum and Killing Fields

Your travel route
Your Cambodia itinerary will largely depend on where you enter and exit the country. Are you only traveling through Cambodia or are you combining it with one of its neighbouring countries?

Either way, you’re likely to pass through Phnom Penh a couple of times, if only for a short stop of the night bus, as it is a major hub between the northern and southern part of the country.

Our 7 day Cambodia itinerary

We spent 7 days in Cambodia and travelled from north to south after crossing the border with Laos. Below is a map of Cambodia showing what places we travelled to and highly recommend. You can click on each highlighted site on the map to get a better impression of that destination.

For every destination on this Cambodia itinerary we have a separate mini-guide written with our best tips for things to do, things to see, best places to eat and best places to stay. This will make it much easier for you to decide what places are of interest to you and how many days you want to stay at each location.

Cambodia Placeholder
Siem Reap
Undoubtedly the sprawling temples of Angkor Wat is what drives most people to visit Cambodia. More than 50 temples pepper the countryside of nearby Siem Reap. Visiting the largest religious monument in the world is like traveling back in time. The beautifully preserved and restored temples tell Cambodia’s history and faith of once powerful Khmer Empire.

Days spent: 3 days/4 nights

How to get from Don Det to Siem Reap to see the temples of Angkor Wat
A photographer's favourite spot at the gates of Bayon in Angkor, Cambodia

Sihanoukville/Koh Rong/Koh Rong Samloem
While the tourist masses can be found lazing on Thailand’s islands, Cambodia’s alternatives are often forgotten (and wrongly so). That makes them unspoilt and uncrowded, a true dream for those seeking an authentic island experience. Koh Rong is the most popular island, mostly catering to the backpacker scene wile nearby Koh Rong Samloem caters more to the family crowd. If it’s pristine white sand beaches you’re looking for, flanked by a turquoise sea, you’ve come to the right place!

Days spent: 3 days/4 nights

Certain beaches are only accessible when a local takes you there on his boat.
Bungalows at the Sok San Beach Resort on Koh Rong

Phnom Penh
History buffs will definitely enjoy Cambodia as its strong and fascinating history doesn’t stop at the boundaries of the Angkor Wat National Park. The capital Phnom Penh offers a peek into Cambodia’s recent violent past as well. Though Phnom Penh isn’t the most exciting or beautiful city top things to do include visiting the numerous temples, museums and Royal Palace. Visiting the S21 Prison and Killing Fields may be one of the most emotional and educational activities to do in Cambodia.

In the evening, the Mekong river banks come to life with fancy rooftop bars, night markets and river cruises. Enjoy a cocktail on deck while the contract of old and modern quietly floats you by.

Days spent: 1 day/2 nights

Enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool at The Pavillion in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Contrast between tradition and modern in Phnom Penh

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Thinking of traveling to the beautiful Cambodia? Then here's the perfect one week Cambodia itinerary for you! This itinerary includes stops in world famous Angkor Wat, capital Phnom Penh and the exotic island of Koh Rong. #cambodia #visitcambia #angkorwat #kohrong #phnompenh #cambodiaitinerary
Thinking of traveling to the beautiful Cambodia? Then here's the perfect one week Cambodia itinerary for you! This itinerary includes stops in world famous Angkor Wat, capital Phnom Penh and the exotic island of Koh Rong. #cambodia #visitcambia #angkorwat #kohrong #phnompenh #cambodiaitinerary


What camera did you use for these photos? Stunning!

Along Came An Elephant

Hi Elicia, we use a Canon EOS 80D.
We’ll be writing a resource page for all our camera gear soon!

Hugs, Marlo & Kristof

Havent been to Sihanoukville yet, but would really love to! Thanks for the itinerary!

Along Came An Elephant

You’ll have a super time!

Marlo & Kristof xxx

This is beautiful! Cambodia is on the top of our list of places to go – we’re waiting for the kids to get a little older just due to flight length, but I hear that it is also an incredibly family-friendly area. You pictures make me want to go even more 🙂

Along Came An Elephant

Aw thank you so much Kate!
You’re going to love Cambodia, guaranteed.
We agree it is very kid friendly, especially Siem Raep and a stay on Koh Rong Samloem are great for families.

Marlo & Kristof xxx

Thanks for this itinerary, it looks great. How’s the food in Cambodia? Is it influenced by Thai cuisine, Vietnamese, or neither?

Along Came An Elephant

Hi Paul!

Cambodian food is good but we prefered Lao food. Our favourite dish in Cambodia was Fish Amok. It’s a fish curry prepared in banana leaves. Of course you got the fried rice which resembles Pad Thai a bit and Mee Kola, it’s kinda like a ramen soop but only veggies. It’s Asia, you’ll always find something delicious to eat! 😉

Marlo & Kristof

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