Belgium tiny house The Forest: a unique getaway near Brussels.

A perfect weekend in Tiny House Belgium The Forest
Stay detail: Belgium tiny house The Forest in Houwaart, Belgium. A 30min drive from Brussels.

I’ve been craving the outdoors more than ever this year. Since we've been exploring more of our home country Belgium, we've been more aware of how experiencing a new place can be so different depending on the time of year. Some destinations are extremely gorgeous in Spring, like the epic Bloesem Route which happens to be the largest orchard in Europe. But some of my favorite trips in Belgium have taken place during Autumn, when nature is flaunting its most beautiful attire and vibrant colors.

I’ve had my mind set on spending the night in a Belgium tiny house for several years now, seeking the perfect unique hideaway for an incredible experience. It didn’t take long for me to stumble on The Forest tiny house, a short 30min drive from Brussels. A perfect opportunity to immerse ourself in nature and spend some time in utter tranquility!

Waking up with an incredible view over the lake at the Belgium Tiny House: The Forest
A perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee is on the deck of The Forest tiny house
Magical morning sights at the lake
The Belgium tiny house is only steps away from a beautiful lake which you can enjoy privately with the canoe belonging to the tiny house

The Forest tiny house essentials

The tiny house near Brussels is indeed tiny and comes with the basic necessities to accommodate two. There’s no WiFi and no TV, but you have full 4G coverage in the area. It was perfect for us as we chose this place to reconnect with nature and cut back on our screen time. Instead we spent a lot of time talking and relaxing by the fire pit, listening to the frogs and ducks in the nearby pond.

The kitchen is basic, but comes with a two-pit gas stove, fridge and a gorgeous natural stone stink. We ordered the Winter Formula, which means everything was provided for us to have a proper 'raclette' dinner in our cosy cabin. Pots and pans are provided so you could choose to stock up on groceries and cook yourself. You'll find an in-house bathroom in the Tiny, including a huge bathtub with the most incredible view. The bathtub easily fits two so it's perfect for some romance. Light some of the candles and enjoy the view!

Bathing with a view at The Forest tiny house near Brussels
The cosy inside of the Belgium tiny house
Magical morning sights at the lake
Rustic feels when approaching the tiny house

The Forest's nearby activities

Curling up by the fire and making s'mores

Nothing is more immersive than bringing natural elements like fire into play. A fire pit and lounge chairs border the banks of the lake. We brought a bag of marshmallows and chocolate biscuits to grill over the fire, while enjoying the sunset. The best part is when the melty marshmallows and chocolate biscuits all swirl together in a perfect “sandwich”, ahh those childhood memories all came back! Top it off with a heavenly cup of hot cocoa and sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset.

Take out the canoe to explore the lake

Steps away from the tiny house, a canoe patiently awaits new passengers to explore the lake. While small, taking out the canoe for some explorations is a perfectly relaxing activity to get closer to nature. The beautiful lake is adjacent to the tiny and you can enjoy it in complete privacy with the canoe belonging to the tiny house!

Take in the sunrise at Kasteel Van Horst

This beautiful tiny house in Belgium is surrounded by beautiful forests and nothing beats coming back to the tiny house and enjoying a steaming cup of hot cocoa after an incredible walk in nature. We enjoyed a fantastic 10km morning walk through forests and fields and ultimately passed the beautiful castle of Horst (Kasteel Van Horst). Especially beautiful is witnessing the golden sunrise over the castle's moat. In the early morning, during the autumn and winter months, the castle and surrounding moat are frequently covered in a mysterious layer of mist, adding to the fairytale ambiance.

The trail starts right in front of the tiny house (Troostemberg Bos parking) and is well marked. Just follow the following node points; 235 – 236 – 139 – 140 – 144 – 143 – 141 – 142 – 138 – 137 – 59 – 237 - 235.

You rather sleep in and do the walk in the afternoon? No problem! Near the end of the hike you'll pass the Gempemolen, a brasserie near an old watermill serving delicious typical Belgian snacks like pancakes and waffles as well as other traditional Belgian main dishes.

Explore Belgian vineyards

Not enough activity? In the nearby town of Houwaart, a 9,5km trail flanks southern faced hills covered with vineyards. The trail offers beautiful views over the valley bellow and traverses Forrests filled to the brim with chestnut trees. If you like foraging, this is the place to be!

The trail starts at the Sint-Denijskerk in Houwaart at trail node 229. Follow the following trail signs: 229 - 246 - 228 - 227 - 226 - 225 - 155 - 154 - 153 - 152 - 151 - 144 - 228 - 246 - 229.

Incredible hiking opportunities in the surrounding forests
Autumn colors everywhere!
Taking out the canoe of The Forest tiny house near Brussels
Sunset golden glow in the surrounding forest
Watching sunrise at the nearby Kasteel Van Horst
Walking along the vineyards near the tiny house Belgium

Final thoughts on this Belgium tiny house

Overall, our experience here was perfect. Our stay was extremely comfortable and cozy with the wood stove lit and cabin nice and warm. The tiny house has a lot of character and is a typical unique hideaway where we love to stay. We love the simplicity of this tiny house and found that two nights are the sweet spot to take it all in and enjoy all the surrounding activities. A perfect weekend trip in nature so close to Brussels!

Do note that in order to access the bedroom loft, you have to climb a ladder so it might not be suited for people with reduced mobility. While you can arrange dinner, we ordered the Winter Formula, we found the raclette menu to be on the expensive side and were a tad surprised that no drinks - with the exception of coffee and tea- are included. If you do not want to drink tap water, you have to bring your own, as is the case if you'd like to enjoy a glass of wine with your raclette dinner.

Enjoying the views on the deck of The Forest Belgium tiny house in our weekend trip near Brussels

Any tiny houses, treehouses or cabins you love and would recommend? 


Escaping into nature in Belgium's most beautiful tiny house: The Forest. Find out how we spend our days exploring the tiny house and its surrounding.
Only 30min from Brussels, this Belgium tiny house is a perfect weekend escape!

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